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Digital Systems Management

The Digital Systems Management concentration focuses on the technical leadership needed by an organization and the management of information services in a rapidly changing global economy.

The required courses for this concentration are generally delivered in an in-classroom format, so when choosing this concentration it is not possible to complete the degree online.

Digital Systems Management
Concentration Requirements

  • MIS 64050 Essentials of Business Management (counts as a Major Program Requirement; see below)
  • MIS 64042 Globalization and Technology Strategy
  • MIS 64080 Emerging Hardware and Software Technologies
  • MIS 64158 Leadership and Managerial Assessment
  • DSCI 51510 Project Management and Team Dynamics or
    DSCI 51610 Digital Systems Security or

    MIS 64083 Information Security: A Managerial Perspective


Choose three of the following courses:
  • CS 61002 Algorithms and Programming I
  • DSCI 61010 Enterprise Architecture
  • DSCI 64210 Data Science
  • ETEC 57403 Instructional Design
  • MIS 64050 Essentials of Business Management
  • TECH 56350 Network Management and Design Technology
Choose one of the following options:
  • Non-Thesis Option — take DSCI 60998 Capstone Project in Digital Sciences and choose 3 credits of approved electives in Digital Sciences
  • Thesis Option — take DCI 69199 Thesis I
Choose 7-8 credits of approved electives in Digital Sciences or a related area, for a total of 32 credits.  No more than 18 credits may be taken from any one subject area other than DSCI.