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Digital Systems Training Technology

The Digital Systems Training Technology concentration focuses on the educational applications needed by an organization and the design and management of instructional systems to meet those needs.

The required courses for this concentration are generally delivered in an online format, so when choosing this concentration it is possible to complete the degree online with a judicious choice of electives.  Many of the courses are also delivered in an in-classroom format, so it is also possible to complete the degree on campus.

Digital Systems Training Technology
Concentration Requirements

  • ETEC 57403 Instructional Design (counts as a Major Program Requirement; see below)
  • ETEC 67425 Managing Technological Change:
  • ETEC 67410 Simulation-Games in Education or
    ETEC 67435 Virtual Reality
  • ETEC 67432 Designing Multimedia for Instruction


    Choose three of the following courses:
    • CS 61002 Algorithms and Programming I
    • DSCI 61010 Enterprise Architecture
    • DSCI 64210 Data Science
    • ITEC 67403 Instructional Design
    • MIS 64050 Essentials of Business Management
    • TECH 56350 Network Management and Design Technology
    Choose one of the following options:
    • Non-Thesis Option — take DSCI 60998 Capstone Project in Digital Sciences and choose 3 credits of approved electives in Digital Sciences
    • Thesis Option — take DCI 69199 Thesis I
    Choose 7-8 credits of approved electives in Digital Sciences or a related area, for a total of 32 credits.  No more than 18 credits may be taken from any one subject area other than DSCI.