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Why Digital Sciences?

Graduates hold a wide range of jobs and are employed in a variety of different job sectors. Moreover, the career outlook is excellent for the next decade.

Computer Specialist

According to occupational employment projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer-related occupations are projected to be responsible for 70 percent of all job growth in science and engineering between 2014 and 2024. Computing occupations will grow rapidly and will account for more than 485,000 new jobs nationally between 2014-2024.  There will be over seven times more new jobs for computer specialists than all fields of engineering combined.

Job Prospects

Computer specialists are needed in many job sectors.  While software and technology companies certainly need computer specialists, virtually any large corporation needs web developers, interaction designers, network administrators, solution architects, computer systems analysts, information technology managers, and etc.

Students majoring in Digital Sciences can expect jobs in: 


A Digital Sciences degree can open the door to many career opportunities, including:


  • $110,620 — Researcher Scientists
  • $100,690 — Software Developers
  • $100,240 — Computer Network Architects
  • $90,120 — Information Security Analysts
  • $85,800 — Computer Systems Analysts
  • $81,710 — Database Administrators
  • $79,530 — Computer Programmers
  • $77,810 — Network & System Administrators
  • $64,970 — Web Developers
  • $51,470 — Computer Support Specialists

Source: Computer and Information Technology Occupations

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