Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree Program | Kent State University

Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree Program

Students who are currently in a Bachelor's program at Kent State University and have a very good undergraduate record may want to consider the university's Combined Bachelor's / Master's degree program.  

This program allows an undergraduate student to gain early access to the graduate program and take up to 12 credit hours of graduate courses.  

Students who are interested in the combined program should apply early.  The application process takes time, and must be completed before the student can enroll in graduate courses.  


The combined program is available to students who meet certain requirements.  The combination does not have to be in the same department (Example: an undergraduate business student can seek to combine his/her program with the master's degree in Digital Sciences), but the departments you choose must agree on the credits that will be shared.  Please see details in the Kent State University Catalog.

Applying to the combined program

First, verify that you meet the GPA and GRE requirements for the Combined Bachelor's and Master's program based on the number of semester hours that you have completed.

If you meet the GPA requirements, you can apply to the Combined Bachelor's and Master's program via the form available online from Graduate Studies. Before completing and submitting the form, you should consult with your undergraduate advisor and the graduate coordinator for your desired Master's program.  (If your desired Master's program is the Master of Digital Sciences, see below.)

APPLYING TO the desired master's PROGRAM

Simultaneously, you must apply to your desired Master's program online.  You will typically need to submit college transcripts (a Kent State University transcript is not required for current Kent State University students), a resume, a goal statement, and contact information for three people who will serve as references.  

Combined program with the Master of Digital Sciences

If you are applying for the Combined program and the Master of Digital Sciences degree, more detailed application information for that degree is available on the School's Graduate Admission webpage.  For personal guidance, you may request more information by contactings advisors at