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The Digital Sciences minor is designed to complement a wide range of majors, including Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Visual Communication Design, Journalism and Mass Communication, Communication Studies, Fashion Design and Merchandising, and many more.

The minor includes two courses that focus on developing a content-rich website and on making a web page or software application easier to use.

The minor also provides a choice between two courses that explore societal or ethical issues involving technology; a choice from a list of courses that explore either design thinking or programming; and a choice among four courses in security, project management, information management, and enterprise architecture.

An approved elective in Digital Sciences or a related area provides further flexibility.

Students can work with the school’s advising staff to choose courses in the minor that support their major and can help them meet their career goals.


Minor in Digital Sciences
Minor Program Requirements

  • DSCI 10310 My Story on the Web
  • DSCI 33310 Human-Computer Interaction
Choose one of the following courses:
  • DSCI 10010 Society, Culture and the Digital Sciences
  • DSCI 10410 Information Ethics and Social Responsibility
Choose 3-4 credits from the following courses:
  • DSCI 13210 Design Processes and Principles
  • DSCI 15310 Computational Thinking and Programming
  • CS 13001 Computer Science I-Programming and Problem Solving OR CS 13011 Computer Science IA - Procedural Programming and CS 13012 Computer Science IB - Object Oriented Programming
  • FDM 10053 Introduction to Fashion Technology and FDM 10054 Introduction to Fashion Technology Labratory
  • MIS 34070 Programming Theory and Applications
  • VCD 13000 Introduction to Visual Communication Design
Choose one of the following courses:
  • DSCI 31010 Enterprise Architecture
  • DSCI 34410 Digital Information Management and Processing
  • DSCI 41510 Project Management and Team Dynamics
  • DSCI 41610 Digital Systems Security
Choose 3 credits of approved electives in Digital Sciences or a related area, including:

Communication Studies, Computer Technology, Computer Science, Instructional Technology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Management and Information Systems, Technology and Visual Communication Design