Bachelor of Arts in Earth Science

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Earth Science is designed for students who seek more advanced knowledge of Geology than the Minor in Geology, but who have other academic interests that complement their interest in Geology.

The degree is particularly useful when coupled with a minor or BA from an additional field. The B.A. in Geology can be of particular benefit to students with an interest in Education, Anthropology, Environmental Law, Architecture, Leisure Studies, Business, Political Science, Geography, Journalism and other liberal arts or science fields. Other employment opportunities include work as naturalists in parks and museums.

Bachelor of Arts in Earth ScienceThe program requires biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. The Geology sequence includes courses in oceanography, minerals, rocks, fossils, and landforms, whereas that in geography includes courses in meteorology, climatology, soils, and conservation. Download the Roadmap to the B.A. in Earth Science for the official reference to the degree program.

For additional information about our undergraduate program, please contact an undergraduate advisor in Earth Sciences.

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Required Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
ESCI 11040 How the Earth Works 3
ESCI 11041 How the Earth Works Lab 1
ESCI 22000 Career and Major Pathways in Geology 1
ESCI 23063 Earth Materials I 4
ESCI 31070 Earth Materials II 4
ESCI 42035 Scientific Methods in Geology 3
GEOG 49070 GIS 4
CHEM 10060 General Chemistry I + lab 4
MATH 11010 Algebra for Calculus 3
ESCI 11042 or
ESCI 21062 or
ESCI 21080
Earth and Life Through Time or
Environmental Earth Science or
All About the Oceans


  and 6 GEOG elective credits 6
GEOG 31062 Fundamentals of Meteorology 3
GEOG 31064 Principles of Climatology 3
GEOG 41065 Applied Climatology 3
GEOG 41066 Climate Change and Its Impact 3
GEOG 41073 Conservation of Natural Resources 3
GEOG 49078 GIS and Environmental Hazards 3
  and 9 upper division elective credits in Earth Sciences or Geography  9
  Total 45