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Kent State University EHHS Doctoral Student Forum grew out of class discussions among a small group of doctoral students in 2005.The group has offered fall and spring annual retreats and professional development sessions for doctoral students in the college since 2006.

The retreats include sessions that last the entire day, the professional sessions include discussions on specific topics of interest for doctoral students.

Topics discussed at previous retreats and professional development sessions include:

  • How to write the Curriculum Vitae.
  • Planning and writing the dissertation.
  • Writing for academic publication.
  • Job search strategies.
  • Creating a productive line of inquiry in research.
  • Using technology to aid research.
  • Submitting proposals and delivering conference presentations.


The Kent State University College of Education, Health and Human Services (EHHS) Doctoral Student Forum is a student led and initiated University organization. The main function of the group is to provide professional development for all doctoral students in the College of EHHS. The organization also strives to open communications among doctoral students as well as to create a collaborative community to encourage doctoral students to work together, as well as with professors within the College.

Coordinator for 2017-2018: Kate Klonowski kklonows@kent.edu