Upon Your Arrival

There are many things to think about as you prepare to come to the United States. Click on the links below to see the information that will help you plan everything from packing your suitcase to commuting from the airport to the hotel once you arrive.

What do I have to bring to the US with me?

As you pack your suitcases, follow the list below to make sure that you have everything you need with you on this trip.

Important Documents

  • Driver License and proof of auto insurance 
    Bring your driver license and proof of auto insurance it they apply internationally.
  • Immunization Records
    Bring ALL immunization records with you.  Immunizations are required for admission to Kent State University.   
  • Children's Official Documents
    Bring ALL of your children's official documents, including passports, school records in English if possible, and immunization records, to enroll them in public schools. Children are required to go to school from ages 5-18.


  • Medication
    Bring enough of any medication you take regularly to last you the twelve (12) months you are in the United States. You can get medication in the U.S. but your particular medication might not be available or it might not be the same. 


  • 12-Month Supply of Disposable Contact Lenses 
    Remember to bring a twelve-month supply of disposable contact lenses if you wear them AND a current prescription for contacts and/or eyeglasses.  In the U.S. a current prescription for contact lenses must be dated within the past year. A current prescription for glasses must be dated within the past two years.    

Electronic devises

  • Phone
    You can bring your iPhone or other smartphones if they have interchangeable sim cards in the U.S. You can then purchase only the sim card to avoid the purchase of a new phone
  • Computer/Laptop
    If you and your family have computers, Chrome books or iPads, you may need to purchase new electric connectors to accommodate our 120-voltage, and American style plugs. These can be purchased easily in the U.S.
  • Electric Personal Appliances
    For all electric personal appliances like electric shavers, hair dryers, toothbrushes, clothes irons, or clothes steamers, it is better to leave yours at home and purchase new with the appropriate 120 voltage and American style plugs.  


  • Hair Products
    If you use hair dye, you may want to bring enough for the sixth-month stay.  Your favorite brands and processes may not be available here; however, there are several salons in the surrounding area should you want to have your hair done professionally.  
  • Spices
    Bring some of your special spices from home in small cellophane or plastic bags, not bottles. Special spices are harder to find in the U.S. and are more expensive. Pack them in your checked luggage.
  • Child Car Seat
    Car Seat is required for children at certain age ranges. See more information in Living in Ohio. You may be bringing a car seat on the airplane; otherwise, you will need to purchase a car seat for all your children at Walmart or Target or another store that provides them in Kent, Streetsboro or the surrounding area.   

As an Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...

You will probably be asked to share something about your culture at the public schools, so you may want to bring traditional clothing and small artifacts to share. 

Digital family photos, photos of your school and classrooms, or your home would also be interesting to American audiences. 

Airport Transportation

You will be responsible for arranging and paying for your own transportation from the airport to your hotel. Below are some links to help you find transportation immediately upon your arrival.  

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Shuttles

Car Services

Car Rentals

Kent State University has an agreement with Enterprise Car Rental, and they have agreed to give you the discounts for anyone associated with Kent State University on short term leases at the airport or on monthly leases for the duration of your stay.  Please call Enterprise directly for more information on lease amounts.

Contact information:
Christopher Felker
Kent State University contact person and Branch Manager

Arrival Hotels
Long-Term Transportation

You will be responsible for your own transportation for the duration of your stay at Kent. Please see more information about long-term transportation in Living in Ohio.