2018 Mexico | Kent State University


Global Deaf Awareness
Experience Deaf Education in San Miguel Mexico
SPED 4 / 50093
Summer, 2018

This course provides participants with an opportunity to be immersed in Mexican culture for 8 days. Participants will interact with the students and teachers at a school for the deaf in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.  You will take a class in Mexican Sign Language, and have the opportunity to engage in tutoring/teaching with students of all ages. There will also be ample time to explore beautiful San Miguel, visit ancient Mexican Pyramids,  enjoy local hot springs, and shop at a glass factory run completely by individuals with special needs.

  Instructor:     Dr. Karen Kritzer
This course is limited to 10 students
Informational Meeting Times              Tuesday, September 19, 2017     2:00pm     217 White Hall
                                                            Monday, September 25, 2017     2:00pm     200 White Hall
                                                            Thursday, October 12, 2017        2:00pm     200 White Hall


To fill out the on-line application, please log onto http://educationabroad.kent.edu/?go=EHHSMexico

                                  There is a non-refundable fee of $60.00 to fill out the on line application

                                 Dr. Karen Kritzer will review ALL applications and will submit for approval.