Study Global Deaf Awareness in Jamaica

Aligns with Deaf Education and ASLEI majors, but all with an interest are welcome to apply!
Kingston, Jamaica
Summer May 23 - June 2, 2019 

Program Overview

  • This course provides participants with an opportunity to be immersed in Jamaican culture for 8 days 
  • Participants will interact with the students and teachers at a school for the deaf, take a class in Jamaican Sign Language, and have the opportunity to engage in tutoring/teaching with students of all ages 
  • There will also be ample time to explore beautiful scenery, visit historical sites, and shop like a local

Tentative Activities

  • Volunteer at the School for the Deaf
  • Attend a local church service and participate in a Hand Clapping, Singing, Drumming, and Dancing Service
  • Tour Creighton Estates and the Bob Marley Museum and Devon House, the former home of Jamaica’s first Black Millionaire George Stiebel
  • Enjoy a homemade Jamacian breakfast and taste a fresh cup of the world’s famous Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Visit Fort Clarence Beach and build lasting memories

Course Information

  • Course: SPED 4 / 50093 
  • Eligibility: pre-req SPED 4/53309 Introduction to Deaf Studies
  • No. of Credits: 3 credits
  • Instructor: Dr. Karen Kritzer (

Informational Meeting Times           

  1. September 10     2:00 pm     200 White Hall
  2. September 19     2:00 pm     200 White Hall
  3. September 25     2:00 pm     200 White Hall

To Apply 

Online Application

Deadline: February 1, 2019

Fee: $60.00 to fill out the on line application

Contact: Rose Onders at (ph: 330-672-0564) or Visit the Center for International & Intercultural Education 215 White Hall