CIIE has a long history of extramural funding for projects as diverse as the Euphrates - Tigris Initiative for Cooperation on water resource management sharing, the International Leaders in Education Program for secondary teachers around the world, and evaluation of teacher exchange between Singapore and the USA in STEAM education. 

Projects have been funded by UNESCO, The American Embassy in Turkey, U.S. Department of States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, The Martha Holden Jennings Society, International Institute of Education, The Avrupa Foundation of Istanbul, Turkey, Project Harmony, American Councils and Hershey Foundation.

Currently, the Saudi Arabia cultural mission funds Building Leadership  for Change Through School Immersion (BLCSI Program), which brings Saudi educators to Kent State University for academic classes, English language learning and school immersion programs.  Dr. Alexa Sandmann, Dr. Alica Crowe and Dr. Stephen Mitchell as well as Project Director Ebed Sulbaran oversee this project.  

Longview Foundation is currently funding an internationalizing Career and Technical Education in Ohio.  Dr. Davison Mupinga is the principal investigator for this project.  

Martha Holden Jennings Foundation is currently funding Creating Global Mindedness Leadership Institutes featuring IB Leadership Curriculum taught by authorized facilitators.  Dr. Mark Kretovics and Dr. Linda F. Robertson are investigators. 

For the 12 year, Dr. Linda F. Robertson and Dr. Martin Jencius have been awarded the International Leaders in Program funded by US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and administered by IREX.  See link below for details.