Why student teach nearby when you can Student Teach Overseas?

Kent State students can student teach in overseas English-language schools through COST—The Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching. Offering you a world class cross-cultural and international professional educational experience. 

Placements are available in such sites as Australia, Bahamas, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and Spain.

Dates to submit application to Dr. Martha Lash      mlash@kent.edu / 330-6720628


  • Summer 2019: Application due by November 15, 2018
  • Fall 2019:         Application due by January 15, 2019
  • Spring 2020:   Application due by June 1, 2019


Informational Meeting Times
Do you have questions? Come to one of our meetings!

Monday, February 4th        2:00 PM     217 White Hall

Tuesday, February 5th     11:00 AM     217 White Hall

Thursday, February 7th     1:00 PM     200 White Hall




Fall 2017


Amanda Krebs, Elementary


Early Childhood

Spring 2017 Placements

Costa Rica

Emilee Beyer. Early Childhood

Tyler Miller, Integrated Sciences


Carolyn Reisdorff, Teaching English as a Second Language

New Zealand

Paisley Curtis, Early Childhood

Torie Rymarczyk, Early Childhood

The Netherlands

Carlee Coffey, Early Childhood

Fall 2016 Placements

Perth, Australia

Brittany Keller, Early Childhood

Emily Benjamin, Early Childhood / Elementary

Morgan Genet, Early Childhoohd / Elementary


Kaitlyn Sweeney, Early Childhood

Sarah Hakola, Early Childhood / Elementary

Auckland, New Zealand

Justine DeFrancesco, Early Childhood

Spring 2016 Placements

Christchurch, New Zealand

Cristin Williams, Math / Langauage Arts

Oursens, Spain

Lauren Jones, Elementary

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Chris Morelli, Math / Social Studies

Kayliegh Crowe, Soical Studies / Economics

Charity Payten, Science / Langauae Arts

Perth, Australia

Paige Wakefield, Math


Fall 2015 Placements


  • Jamie Halfacre / Early Childhood

SPRING 2015 Placements


  • Elizabeth Guilford / Early Childhood


  • Emily Ott / Early Childhood


  • Molly Ensminger / Early Childhood


Fall 2014 Placements


  • Rio Vince / Science & Social Studies
  • Tess Wenstrup / Art

Puerto Rico

  • Lane Forthofer / Language Arts

New Zealand

  • Suzannah Gingo / Early Childhood
  • Emma Unsworth / Arts
  • Elizabeth Banks / Art
  • Shannon Davey / Elementary
  • Heather Scerba / Early Childhood

Come find out how you can have a career changing international experience. For more information on C.O.S.T., visit our webpage.