Professional Advisory Board | Center for International & Intercultural Education | Kent State University

Professional Advisory Board

Gerald H. Read Center for International and Intercultural Education 2017 - 2018 Professional Advisory Board

  • Valdez Russell, Nassau, The Bahamas (President) 
  • Douglass M. Sessions, World Savvy, Bethesda, MD (Vice President) 
  • Raj Aggarwal, Emeritus Sullivan Professor of International Business and Finance and Ex-Dean University of Akron, Editor of Journal of Teaching International Business
  • Shonal Agarwal, Chapters International, India
  • Sharon Brennan, University of Kentucky and representative of the Consortium of Overseas Student Teaching (COST)
  • Batt Burns, Former Principal and Story Teller, Sneem, Ireland
  • David Dix, Vice President of Dix1898, a broadcast and digital media company. 
  • Mary Jean Gallagher, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Student  Achievement, Ontario Minister of Education,Toronto, Canada
  • Myles Gallagher, President & Chief executive Officer, The Superlative Group Inc.
  • William Hiller, Former Executive Director of Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
  • Kate Kuhn, Teacher Education Services, International Baccalaureate World Schools, Bethesda, MD.
  • Linda Robertson, Director of CIIE, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.