Italy - Summer 2023 Semester

Welcome to the KSU Florence Summer Institute. The College of Education, Health and Human Services will offer the courses below at the Kent State campus in Florence, Italy in summer 2023.

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ECED 4/50203* - Critical Inquiry: The IB Framework

Theoretical and content background addressing integration of curriculum and global perspectives aligned with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). 

Dates: May 29-June 22, 2023

Instructors: Dr. Martha Lash ( and Dr. Monica Miller-Marsh (

ETEC 39525* - Educational Technology

This course is designed to help you develop the necessary technological competencies to successfully support the teaching profession all around the globe. You will develop knowledge and skills in designing, implementing, and assessing learning experiences, using various digital tools and resources to support teaching, learning, and research. You will tour Italian schools to collaborate with local teachers and instructors to develop technology-based solutions to educational challenges. 

Dates: May 29-June 22, 2023

Instructors: Dr. Richard Ferdig ( and Dr. Enrico Gandolfi (

*The above two courses are offered as a 6-credit hour package for Early Childhood Education (ECED) majors. 

HEM 43231 - Food/Wine/Beverage Pairing

Two sections available. This course provides students with knowledge of the sensory relationship of Food, Wine, Beer and other Spirits and the important role this process has on Hospitality Operations. Topics include developing an understanding of wine, beer and food pairing as a hierarchical process, gastronomic identity, Old and New World traditions, and traditional and non-traditional gastronomic pairings. 

Dates: May 29-June 22, 2023

Instructors: Chef Anthony Hamilton ( and Chef Andrew Eith (

RPTM 46095 - Special Topics - Arts, Parks, and Events: Designing Inclusive Experiences for Persons With Disabilities

This course will prepare students to understand conceptual, theoretical, and applied aspects of designing inclusive experiences for persons with disabilities in art, event, park, hospitality, and tourism attractions in and around Florence, Italy. Students will conduct site visits to attractions in Florence and surrounding parks using an inclusion design lens with the aim of better understanding ways to make places and experiences accessible and accommodating for persons with disabilities.

Dates: May 29-June 22, 2023

Instructor: Dr. Mary Ann Devine (

RPTM 36085 - Leisure and Culture

Enhance your ability to experience cultural differences in more complex ways. The Florentine way of life provides a rich context to compare and contrast American and Italian cultures and the role of leisure in shaping cultural identities. Culture’s influence on leisure’s meaning, value, and expressions will also be examined. Students will use their observation and analysis skills to interpret the cultural significance of leisure time, activities, places and spaces as they work and play in Florence. No prerequisite required and a designated KSU domestic diversity course.

Dates: May 29-June 22, 2023

Instructor: Dr. Mary Parr (

LTCA 4/54032 - Long Term Care Administration I (With an International Flair) 

This course presents an overview and introduction to the principles of Long-Term Care (LTC) Administration and discusses a comparison of U.S. LTC with International LTC Administration.

Dates: May 29-June 22, 2023

Instructor: Donna Alexander (

SPED 4/53062 - Curriculum Methods Mild/Moderate

The focus of this course is on the delivery and adaptation of evidence-based practices for students with mild/moderate disabilities with an emphasis on achievement in general curriculum. Students in this course learn how to deliver a highly effective lesson to a diverse group of students with a range of academic abilities. Students will have the opportunity to practice evidence-based instructional and behavior management practices.

Dates: May 29-June 22, 2023

Instructor: Dr. Nathan Stevenson (

HDFS 45089 - Lifespan Development Practices and Outcomes: The Italian Experience 

The goal of the course is to explore Italian culture, customs, education, and governmental influences on human development. Students will do this through lectures, assignments, and naturalistic observations of Florentines. We’ll spend most of our class time visiting historical sites, nonprofit organizations, and guided exploration of the city along with lectures from local experts.

Dates: May 29-June 22,  2023

Instructor: Lisa Hallaman (

HDFS 42092 - Families in Florence, Italy: Love, Parenting, and Policy

The course explores the concepts of love, parenting, and social policy in the context of family experiences of Florence, Tuscany, and Italy.  We aim to use the city of Florence as our classroom. In this course, we’ll explore how historical family honor, rituals, culture, and social context continue to influence the modern Florentine family. We’ll work to identify family rituals and traditions passed down from the Roman Empire and explore how modern social policies and culture influence love, relationships, and family. We’ll also pay particular attention to love and parenting from an Italian perspective.

Dates: May 29-June 22,  2023

Instructor: Dr. Scott Tobias (

EDST 44005 - Exploration and Application of Leadership Skills for Varied Professional Settings 

This course will assist students in tapping into their leadership potential. Leadership skills for both personal and professional life will be explored and practiced. 

Dates: July 10-August 3, 2023

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Ray-Tomasek (

SPA 44089; EPSY 5/70093 - Cognition of Conversation, Miscommunication, and Learning 

Communication is as much about successful communication as it is about miscommunication. One of the richest aspects of traveling is learning about ourselves and new cultures through interaction. This course will provide you with knowledge that drives our understanding of the theoretical foundations of cognition, communication, miscommunication, and learning. Content learned in this course will increase students interests in communication and cognition and will also provide insight about how to be better communicators in personal and global communication settings. 

Dates: July 10-August 3, 2023

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Roche (