Five reasons to choose Kent State University


1. Training in basic and applied research. Educational Psychologists “live with one foot in the classroom and one foot in the laboratory”. Our program gives students the tools to conduct rigorous research in laboratories and in authentic learning settings like schools or businesses. This training allows students to pursue careers in fields within and outside of Universities.


2. An interdisciplinary approach. Our program takes a unique approach to the study of cognition, development, and learning. We draw from multiple fields such as Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Education to provide a broad approach that allows for a deep understanding of how the mind works and how to use this knowledge to improve learning outcomes.


3. Student success. Our graduate students regularly present at national and international conferences including the Society for Research in Child Development, the Cognitive Science Society, the Association for Psychological Science, the Psychonomic Society, and the Midwestern Psychological Association conferences. Our students have recently published journal articles in Frontiers in Psychology, Computers & Education, and the International Journal of Science Education and have published several book chapters.  


4. Faculty excellence. Our faculty are leaders in the field and have active research programs. Our faculty have published journals such as Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Cognition, Cognitive Science, Psychological Science, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, International Journal of Science Education, Frontiers in Psychology, and Child Development. In addition, our faculty and graduate students have received multiple National Science Foundation grants in the past five years.


5. Small program, quality mentoring. Our program is small by design. Students work closely with faculty to learn by doing research, not just reading about it in classes. Students are involved in multiple projects in which they conduct research, analyze data, and write papers and grants. We invest in our students to make sure they succeed.