Faculty Research on Diversity

Dr. Susan Iverson

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Dr. Averil McClelland

  • McClelland, A., Cushner. K, & Safford, Ph. (2005). Human Diversity in Education: An Integrated Approach  (5th edition).

Dr. Dianne Kerr

  • Irwin, C.A., Symons, C., Kerr, D. (2009). "Behavioral intervention and behavior toward the obese on a college campus:An exploratory analysis of discriminatory behavior. American Journal of Health Education, 40 (2), 108-119.
  • Kerr DL, & Thompson AJ. (October, 2011). LGBT Bullying in the Schools: Will it Really Get Better? 85th American School Health Association Annual Conference, Louisville, KY.

Dr. Jennifer Fisette

  • Fisette, J.,& Walton, T.A. (forthcoming). Empowering high school girls as media consumers/producers: Engaging in activist research through visual Methods. In Azzarito, L. & Kirk, D. (Eds.). Pedagogies, physical culture and visual methods. Publication: Book Chapter.

Dr. Steven Rainey

  • Janson, C., Guillot Miller, L., & Rainey, S. (2007). From apprehension to advocacy: A Q study into pre-service school counselors' attitudes toward working with students with disabilities. Journal of Special Education Leadership. 20, 73-83.
  • Rainey, S. (2007). Affirmative school counseling: Working with gay, lesbian, and questioning student. Professional Issues in Counseling

Dr. Walter Gershon

  • Listening to the Sounds of Science is a collaborative research project which began as the study of how process of music making might help mitigate race and gender gaps in urban middle grades classroom.