Leah Schell-Barber - Writing Centers and Student Success in Higher Education

Leah Schell-Barber

Leah is researching writing centers in relation to student success.  Writing centers are a support service for students. As a support service, writing centers are expected to aid in bridging the gap between what students know and what they need to know in order to persist in post-secondary education. While this seems like a service all institutions would provide, since, in theory, it would contribute to student retention and graduation rates, not all post-secondary institutions have writing centers. In her dissertation, Leah plans to further the conversation on what the significance might be for understanding the contribution that writing centers can make to student success, connecting possible underlying reasons for writing centers to exist or not on these particular campuses. Not only is this topic relevant to facilitate a better understanding of the relationship between writing centers and student success, but it could also open the door to further study on student success within post-secondary institutions and how those institutions define and facilitate success to meet the needs of their varying stakeholders.