Shujuan Luo - Entrepreneurship education in American high schools; Rural Chinese girls life skills learning and empowerment


Shujuan is engaged in two studies right now:            

  1. The study of entrepreneurship education in American high schools.

Shujuan has followed the entrepreneurship program provided by the organization Youth Opportunity Unlimited ( for one year and was amazed by the entrepreneurship courses they give to high schools students in Cleveland school districts. Shujuan explores how the program teaches the concepts and practices of entrepreneurship to high schools students, and assesses and analyzes levels of student interest in these courses, as well as learning outcomes.

  1. Rural Chinese girls life skills learning and empowerment

For this research, Shujuan will select a group of Chinese girls from rural Western China who migrated to the city for job or schooling at the age of 15 without the company of parents or elder guardians. Shujuan will investigate how they gain various kinds life skills in the city, how they negotiate the rural-urban transition, and whether they are capable to live the life they value. Capability approach is applied in the study to evaluate the girls’ empowerment.