The George A. Bowman Fellowship in Educational Administration

The Bowman fellowship supports scholars who embody democratic ideals, a commitment to equity, high academic standards, and a generous spirit of leadership. Recipients of the award advance educational and human progress by leading for a deepening democracy, which honors multiplicity of ideation, plurality, diversity, and social justice. Funds are dispersed each semester throughout the duration of the program.  Scholarships typically range between $2,500 and $3,500.


Applicants to graduate EDLE degree programs are eligible to apply for fellowship.  Applicants should demonstrate a current engagement with issues of social justice and equity in their schools and communities, and a potential for leadership in deepening this work through their academic studies.  Scholars are selected by a committee convened by the faculty of the EDLE program.

Application Requirements

  • Completed Graduate Admission Application
    Any scholarship offers are contingent upon acceptance into an EDLE degree program.
  • Scholarship Application form (completed through the EHHS Student Portal)
  • Personal Statement
    This statement is different and separate from the Goal Statement on the application for graduate admission.  Address the following questions in your personal statement:
    • In your current position, how do you improve learning for all students?
    • What experiences, talents, and knowledge will you bring to your EDLE graduate program?
    • What is your vision as an aspiring educational leader who is committed to social justice and equity?

The personal statement should be submitted as a Word Document, 2 pages, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, 1 inch margins.

  • Letters of Recommendation (2)
    Submit one letter of recommendation form each of the following stakeholder groups in your current or recent (last 3 years) school district:
  1. Professional Recommendation from a School Leader (principal, superintendent, or central office leader)
  2. Family Member of a Student

Scanned pdf copies of the letters of recommendation should be submitted.

All application materials are submitted electronically EHHS Student Portal.  Follow the link from the EHHS Scholarships page.  Do not email applications or submit hard copies.

Priority Deadline:  May 15

All complete scholarship applications received by May 15 will be reviewed together and decisions will be announced by June 15. 

Bowman Scholars

Nick Kish

Jarred Zapolnik

Ariana Del Re

Kim Micheller

Kenya Harrington

Danny Reiman

Year Name
2014-2015 Kim Cody*
2014-2015 Barb Hawley*
2014-2015 Jay Liedel*
2014-2015 Lauren Love*
*Leading for Social Justice and Equity Scholarship
2012-2013 Jennifer Zajac
2012-2013 Carol Winter
2012-2013 Irena Mazi
2012-2013 Margaret Juliano
2010-2011 Matthew R. McMullen
2005-2006 Denice A. Bertino
2004-2005 Ann M. Spurrier
2003-2004 Paula J. Snyder
2002-2003 Philip H. Wagner
2000-2001 Lisa M. Shoaf
1999-2000 Randall Yates
1998-1999 Joseph Hruby
1997-1998 Deborah Wensel
1996-1997 Rosemary Gornik
1995-1996 Lynn Moomaw
1994-1995 Jacqueline Hoynes
1993-1994 David G. Brobeck
1992-1993 David R. Olsen
1991-1992 Nylajean McDaniel
1990-1991 Ralph Waltman
1989-1990 Beverly Hoagland
1988-1989 Keren Peters
1987-1988 James Schulz
1986-1987 Kathleen Ferrone
1985-1986 James Penning
1985-1986 James Ryland
1984-1985 Geneva Damron
1983-1984 Jean Garvin
1982-1983 Patricia Dustman
1981-1982 Patricia Ackerman
1980-1981 Mary Beth Ross
1979-1980 Robert Regues
1978-1979 Drue Guy
1977-1978 Ralph Armour
1976-1977 Patricia Leberknight
1975-1976 Christopher Hanley
1974-1975 Stanley Mackey
1973-1974 Thomas Finley
1972-1973 Robert Evans
1971-1972 Joseph Matava
1970 — 1971 James Porter
1969 — 1970 Richard Vierling
1968 — 1969 David Olsen