EDAD Students' Work in the Field

Students and Graduates are making a difference through social justice in surrounding communities. (2015)

Cindy Wieland

"Over the summer, I went to the King Kennedy Community Center every Wednesday. They were running a daily camp called Jake's Kids. I was known as "Miss Cindy" and I would do "Science with Miss Cindy." I am a career science teacher with a passion for learning science and a love of the natural world around us. I have such compassion for children. I learned so much about the children, their families, and the strengths they bring to this community." - Cindy Wieland, working with the King-Kennedy Center. 

Using my Education to Make a Difference 

Amanda Hudnall

"The EDAD program has been both helpful in preparing me for enacting this work, as well as functionally useful in terms of day-to-day situations, planning and problem solving. Social justice work and Global Education share many things, one of which focuses on the importance of initiative outcomes. This requires successful networking, as well as thoughtful analysis and reflection in order to be successful. I have been fortunate to be a student in the K-12 Educational Administration program. It has provided preparation and guidance throughout the course of multiple years of 'living this important work'." Amanda Hudnall, Streetsboro High School, Physics Teacher, Teachers for Global Classrooms International Fellow, 2013, Funds for Teachers International Fellow, 2015. 


Making a Difference Through Social Justice 

Jay Liedel

"I began to engage in the work of seeking an administrative license by participating in the EDAD cohort beginning in the Fall of 2014. The coursework allowed for me to support my development of leadership skills by focusing specifically on issues of inequity and social justice. I engaged in art-making, filmed two documentaries, engaged in an equity audit, developed mission and vision statements, and in general was pushed to think about education in a deep and meaningful way, all the while supporting my assertions with research relevant to our field. This educational experience has motivated me to engage others in questioning our educational practices, and defining what I believe are effective practices in the field." - Jay Liedel. 


Mariel Sallee

Mariel“I am in my second year in Austintown in central office. The work I did at Kent State was pivotal to what we want to accomplish. The superintendent and I are currently working on a grant for young men who are in single parent homes…what resources can we provide….what can we do to build on their family strengths….the Kent State EDAD program gave me experiences, knowledge, and skills to build school-community relations and help us better understand the need to go outside of the school walls….reach out to families….and incorporate them in meaningful ways…I learned how to consider context and help school communities in was that I can impact student learning….especially for the students we are most concerned about…I have also been informed in the alternative education program in our district. The Kent State program provided me an opportunity to consider issues of equity, social justice, and school reform…this matters…I learned what works…how to assess student learning…and how to make changes that impact our students directly…it’s important work…and our online program is focusing on creating one-on-one work with our tutors everyday…moving beyond the minimum and expecting more out of ourselves and what we expect from our students…our families play a critical role in this process and I learned the significance of further developing these relationships.”

Amanda Schmidt

"The Educational Administration program at Kent State was truly a unique learning experience. Each professor was very knowledgeable, and created assignments for their classes that have real-world applications. It was clear that many of my professors had a passion for education and developing strong instructional leaders. Every project and assignment that I completed, I was able to use with fidelity in my current position as Assistant Principal in Maple Heights. The program gave me the resources and tools to connect with staff, students and the community which is crucial in the success of any administrator."