Leading for Social Justice Course: Fall 2015 | Educational Leadership K-12 | Kent State University

Leading for Social Justice Course: Fall 2015

Students in the Leading for Social Justice course have the honor and privilege to work with youth from the King Kennedy Center. Graduate students engaged in meaningful conversation with children in order to facilitate a process in which they will transform their first-tellings of living in their community into artmaking for the 2015 Leading for Social Justice Art Exhibit at the Akron Art Museum. Graduate students began this process by discussing what is family, who do they identify as family, and the role family plays in their lives. They also engaged in map-making with youth to identify significant places in their communities, where they spend most of their time, and what happens in these significant places. Children will translate their narratives into artmaking and will provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the role community plays in how they understand the world in which they live.



As the Leading for Social Justice exhibit continues to grow, the exhibit is reaching more and more K-12 schools in Northeast Ohio. Christa Boske continues to work with schools across the area including Our Lady of the Elms, Streetsboro, Twinsburg, King Kennedy Center, Stow, Alliance, Cleveland, residential treatment programs, and Orange. She engages with children, teachers, advisors, and school leaders in an effort to provide children with opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue about marginalization, socially construction of race/gender, dominant culture, systemic oppression, identity, intersectionality, and lived realities facing marginalized populations in schools across the United States.

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