The Pat Eva Crisci Scholarship | Kent State University

The Pat Eva Crisci Scholarship

The Pat Eva Crisci Scholarship Award is awarded annually to a doctoral student studying educational administration. Applicants must be current students completing their last semester of coursework or be working on the dissertation.

The recipient will receive an individual plaque, and the recipient's name will be added to a display plaque located prominently within the Department of Teaching, Leadership, and Curriculum Studies. The student also will receive a scholarship in an amount to be determined by faculty members in the Educational Administration program. The scholarship will be based on the availability of funds.


  • The intent to seek a position as a professor upon graduation
  • Academic preparation for the professoriate (e.g., advanced courses, course concentration, internship in college teaching)
  • Record of publication, research and scholarship
  • National conference attendance and participation
  • Grant writing
  • Prior higher education teaching and service
  • Potential to achieve excellence and prominence as a professor


  1. A former student who is currently employed in a higher education faculty or administrative position
  2. A former student who is currently employed in a K-12 faculty or administrative position
  3. A former student recipient of the award
  4. Two or three faculty of the Educational Administration program, depending on the availability of faculty members.