Institutional Research & Assessment Certificate

The Institutional Research and Assessment certificate (18 credit hours) is focused on enhancing knowledge and skills development in the areas of higher education assessment, institutional research, technology, and the organization of higher education.

At this time, the Institutional Research and Assessment is available only in face-to-face classes at the Kent Campus.

The certificate is intended to satisfy professional development needs as well as preparing candidates to apply for employment in institutional research, student affairs assessment, or academic assessment.  The course contents were designed in consideration of ACPA's ASK Standards, the NASPA Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Knowledge Community Assessment Education Framework, as well as competencies identified in publications by the Association for Institutional Research. 

The interdisciplinary certificate is an collaborative program drawing from both Research, Measurement & Statistics and Higher Education Administration — students from both programs are welcome (as well as students from other disciplines).

For more information about the Institutional Research and Assessment Certificate, contact Dr. Erica Eckert at

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“Data collection and analysis are indispensable to informed decision-making today. All higher education professionals, from entry-level to Senior VPs, can benefit from the analytical toolkit the Institutional Research and Assessment Certificate offers. On a personal note, I was recently offered a position in an Institutional Research office based in large part on the skills and experiences gained from the coursework in this program.”
   ~ Michael Bell, 2017  

“Deciding to complete the Institutional Research and Assessment certificate in addition to my Master’s in Education in Higher Education and Student Personnel degree was one of the best decisions I made during my time at Kent State University. My skills in assessment have proven to be incredibly beneficial in all of the positions that I have held so far, and they have really helped me stand out amongst other candidates during job searches. Every job posting that has interested me has emphasized the importance of assessment skills, and because of this certificate program, I am confident in my ability to apply these skills to be successful in a wide variety of positions."
   ~ A.J. Leu, 2016

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