Credit Hours

How many credit hours are required for the Ph.D.?

Regardless of the degree(s) acquired (e.g., Master's, Ed.S., J.D., L.L.M., prior Ph.D. or Ed.D. in another field), or the number of credit hours completed prior to admission, the HIED Ph.D. requires the completion of 54-credit hours of work, as approved by the Advisory Committee. The 54-hour requirement may be increased by up to 12 hours depending on whether the student has taken each of four prerequisite courses (see the Ph.D. Plan of Study for prerequisite and course requirements).

Can I transfer in any credits?

Perhaps, but only if the courses were not previously applied toward a completed degree. At the Ph.D. level, students may transfer in up to 12 credit hours from an accredited institution, if approved by the Advisory Committee. The grades received in those courses must be of "A" or "B" quality and be no older than 9 years old at the time the Ph.D. is conferred.

What happens if I have already taken a course that is required in the Ph.D. Plan of Study?

None of the hours applied to earning a previous degree (e.g., Master's or Ed.S. in HIED) will be applied toward meeting the 54-hour requirement. However, if a course was taken during the completion of these degrees that is identical to, or comparable with, a requirement for the Ph.D., the "course" requirement will have been met, but not the "hour" requirement (i.e., the student does not have to retake the course, but does have to take an elective that will count toward the 54-hour total).

May workshop credits be included in the Ph.D. Plan of Study?

Yes & No. KSU credits may be included on the Plan of Study, but the HIED program does not permit workshop credit hours to be applied toward meeting the 54-hour minimum requirement.