Who serves on the Dissertation Committee?

The Dissertation Committee should consist of three faculty (two from HIED and one from outside HIED). The faculty selected for this committee may be those serving on the Advisory Committee or be three new faculty. The student should select the person he or she would like to direct the dissertation and then work with the director to select the remaining members of the committee, based on expertise and availability. The faculty director must be a full member of the graduate faculty.

How long do I have to complete course and dissertation requirements?

All requirements for the Ph.D. must be completed within 9 years. Course work and the candidacy (comprehensive) exam must be completed within 5 years with 4 years then permitted for the dissertation. Note that the 9-year clock begins the first semester a student takes a course that will be counted toward the Ph.D. degree, even if the student has not yet been admitted to the program.

Is it ever possible to receive additional time to complete degree requirements?

Yes, but the College will permit an extension only when the student can provide a rationale for the request explaining why additional time is needed. If approved, the student also needs to submit a reasonable timeline that can be met. If the original timeline has expired and the extension is denied, the student will be dismissed. Note also that if at the time of request for an extension, the student has not completed comprehensive exams, the request for an extension will not be awarded.

When and where do I file for graduation?

The application for graduation must be filed with the Office of Graduate Student Services (418 White Hall) no later than Friday of the first week of classes in the semester in which graduation is anticipated.