Ph.D. Dissertations | Kent State University

Ph.D. Dissertations

Ph.D. Graduate students and some of their works:

McKenzie, Brenda (2015, Spring). Leadership identity development in traditional-aged female undergraduate college students: A grounded theory

Reynolds, Jamie (2013, Spring). A case study analysis of reinstated students' experiences in one reinstatement intervention program

Stafford, Linnea Carlson (2012, fall). College student personnel professional preparation program faculty perspectives about full-time, tenure-track faculty: A Q methodology study

Willis, Wendie. (2010, Fall). Background characteristics and academic factors associated with the academic behavioral confidence of international graduate students in Ohio's public institutions

Kenny, Catherine. (2010, Fall). Meta -analysis of entrance standards for undergraduate nursing and selected allied health programs

Lin, Hsien Hong "Joe" (Fall 2009) Why Taiwanese Companies and Foundations Donate to Public Colleges and Universities in Taiwan: An Investigation of Donation Incentives, Strategies, and Decision-Making Processes

Hayes-Nelson, Geraldine, 2009 (Sum) A study of single mothers' experience of persistence at a four-year public university

Oliver, Shawn L., 2009 (Spr) Comprehensive curriculum reform: as a collaborative effort of faculty and administrators in a higher education institution: a case study based on grounded theory

Maldonado, Anita, 2008 (Sum) Negotiating a sense of place: a study of Hispanic faculty in predominantly white universities

Deeb, Bassam M., 2008 (Spr) Conceptions of governing boards accountability in the state of Ohio: a case study

Kulics, Jennifer M., 2006 (Sum) An analysis of the academic behaviors and beliefs of division I student-athletes and academic administrators: The impact of the increased percentage toward degree requirements

Tudor, Jarrod (2005, Summer). Higher education law in the European union