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The Campus Kitchen Project (CKP) aims to use service as a tool to strengthen bodies by using existing resources to meet hunger and nutritional needs in the community. Its mission is to empower minds by providing leadership and service learning opportunities to students, and educational benefits to adults, seniors, children, and families in need. These benefits build communities by fostering a new generation of community-minded adults through resourceful and mutually beneficial partnerships among students, social service agencies, businesses and schools.

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CKP is a national organization that provides healthy meals to those in need by harnessing the spirit of student volunteerism within local communities. Now in its ninth year, CKP operates on over 30 university and high school campuses.

Kent State University has a long tradition of social activism, concern for others and the social justice issues that plague our planet. We hope to assist CKP in training the next generation of leaders who will find new and creative approaches to combat hunger, poverty and injustice in our country and around the globe. By working in partnership with our community organizations, students will learn about the importance of collaboration in addressing community issues.

The Campus Kitchen at Kent State will be the first school in Ohio to be a part of the CKP network and will be a model for future programs in the state. The CKP network represents a movement that crosses generations, cities and campuses - the Kent State team has the motivation, dedication and foundation ready to make this movement a success for our community.