Minor in Hospitality Management

hospitality management minor

The hospitality management minor is for students interested in foundational knowledge in the hospitality industry including food service, lodging and other hospitality venues. Specific areas of interest may be further pursued through elective courses.

ACCT 23020 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
HM 13024 Introduction to Hospitality Management 3
HM 23020 Hotel Operations 3
HM 33026 Hospitality Cost Control & Analysis 3
HM 43030 Foodservice Systems Management (offered only in fall semester) 3
HM 43032 Food Production and Service Management (offered only in spring semester) 3
HM 43092 Practicum in Hospitality Management 3
ELECTIVES (Choose a minimum of 6 hours)  HRs
HM 33040 Convention Sales and Management 3
HM 33070 International Cuisine 4
HM 37777 Casino Management and Gaming Operations 3
HM 43029 Hospitality Financial Policy 3
HM 43040 Strategic Hotel Management 3
HM 43043 Hospitality Meetings Management 3
HM course, as approved by faculty advisor  

Students are encouraged to declare the minor with a minimum of 3-4 semesters remaining before graduation and should meet with a faculty advisor to plan their course of study. Minimum 2.50 GPA required for admission to the minor.