The Hospitality and Event Management program offers students two minors:

Hospitality and Event Management

The Hospitality and Event Management minor is for students interested in a foundational knowledge of restaurants, hotels, private clubs, non-commercial food-service organizations and other hospitality organizations. Students in the minor may pursue specific areas of interest tied to the management of selected hospitality properties or management of events within hospitality organizations.

Event Planning

The Event Planning minor prepares students to assume leadership roles within the industry. Through innovation, research, knowledge dissemination and the enhancement of educational and practical opportunities, this minor affords students the opportunity to enroll in a variety of courses across disciplines to procure knowledge and practical skills pertaining to the process of event planning. This minor can also be earned abroad in Florence, Italy through the KSU Florence Summer Institute.

Hospitality and Event Management students are encouraged to pursue a minor in business or management through the Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship. These minors intend to provide a basic core understanding of business courses.

Business Minor

The Business minor provides students with exposure to a basic business core and helps them gain an overview of the world of business while pursuing a degree in another field.

Management Minor

The Management minor provides a basic core of management courses, with emphasis on strategic management, leadership and the management of employees. Students gain an overview of managerial functions and expertise that will add value to the career preparations provided by their major programs.