HM 43092, Practicum in Hospitality Management, is required at or near the end of a student's program (junior or senior standing in the program). This practicum is a structured work experience designed to be a capstone requirement after most of the upperclassmen coursework has been completed.

Students must be admitted into the professional phase of the program / upper division admission and complete HM 33050 before taking HM 43092 Practicum in Hospitality Management. Students should meet with a faculty member teaching the practicum course at least one semester in advance of the semester or summer in which the practicum is planned.

For the practicum, students complete between 270 to 540 hours of supervised work experience in a supervisory or managerial position. The student's supervisor and the course instructor evaluate this experience. Many students use this required course as a "springboard" to their first paid position after graduation.