Caitlin English

2010–11 Mentoring Student

Mentor: Ned Welc, GM/COO of the Mayfield Sandridge Club

The mentoring program is a great tool for current and future endeavors in the hospitality industry for Kent State hospitality students and alumni. Industry leaders from all around Northeast Ohio participate in the program because they genuinely want to help guide students to learn, succeed, network, and optimally get the most experience possible. It's a great opportunity that I feel every student should take advantage of.

I was originally an art education major and switched to hospitality management in my senior year. I was really enjoying my job working for an Akron area private club at the time, as a server. So making the change from art education to hospitality management, I felt, was the right path to take. After taking the course Club Management and attending the mentoring program reception fall 2010, I chose Ned Welc to be my mentor. I knew ultimately I wanted to work for a private club after graduation and I felt Mr. Welc would be a perfect mentor for me. A big decision I had to make last year was where I should complete my internship. Mr. Welc took the time to sit down with me and go over each pro and every con, and overall guided me in making my final decision. We meet once or twice a month and if I ever need advice he is always just an email or phone call away. He has taught, advised, and helped me more than I ever could have expected and I am glad that I have been given this opportunity and experience.

Mr. Welc is an excellent mentor, manager, teacher, and overall great individual. I am proud to be his mentee and hope to learn much more from him.

Mandy Ulicney

2009–10 Mentoring Student

Mentor: Ned Welc, GM/COO of the Mayfield Sandridge Club

I selected Ned Welc to be my mentor in 2009. I chose Ned because he was extremely knowledgeable about private clubs and also had experience teaching. I hope to teach hospitality classes in the future but have a strong tie to private clubs so I felt that Ned Welc was the perfect choice.

We met on a few occasions and we shared information regarding past experiences. He was personable and immediately made me feel very comfortable. Since then I have referred to his expertise several times for advice. I am currently working on my thesis, which involves private clubs, and he has been very helpful. As I continue along my journey to obtaining my masters I know that I will continue to ask for Ned's help and he will graciously oblige.

I have decided to add an additional mentor this year because of the value that these relationships provide. I selected Rob Josey and have just begun communicating with him but have also had nothing but positive experiences.

This program is exceptional for many reasons, but mainly because of the outstanding professionalism of the mentors and more importantly their desire to help students.

Joel Morales

2009 Mentoring Student

Mentor: Deborah Hermann

The hospitality mentoring program is a great tool to start building a network. My mentor from this past year is Deborah Hermann. She has given me guidance in looking for a job, introduced me to other event planners and gave me contacts for donations for the Hospitality Management golf outing. I also had the pleasure of serving Deborah during my internship this past summer. She is a member of The Kirtland Country Club and it was always nice to see a familiar face. As a student being a part of the mentoring program has succeeded my expectations.

Jillian Bolan

2008 Mentoring Student

I think the Hospitality Management mentoring program is a great way for HM students to network with industry professionals. The program gives students a chance to learn about the various career paths that are available to them with a degree in Hospitality Management; mentors in this program have very diverse professional backgrounds. Students who participate can benefit by taking advantage of the career advice they are given. Mentors can teach students things that they would not learn in a classroom, such as how to write a resume and how to behave in an interview. The mentors involved have a great deal of knowledge and experience to share and they seem eager to help students. Most students are worried about what to do after graduation, but the mentors are willing to provide guidance and support that will help prepare students for the real world.