Graduate Certificate

The Certificate on Disability Studies and Community Inclusion may be received in conjunction with degrees from Kent State University or other institution at the Specialist's, Master's, or Doctoral levels. Students receive basic preparation in their selected discipline or major, while concurrently obtaining specialized training in Disability Studies and Community Inclusion through the certificate program.

To be eligible for the certificate program a student must be enrolled in a graduate degree program or hold a graduate degree from an accredited institution. Students may be admitted with non-degree status, but they must complete a graduate degree program prior to being awarded the Certificate.

The certificate program is flexible with minimal required courses beyond those needed to complete degree requirements. There are a total of 16 credit hours to be earned, with 6 credits in the core area of courses and 10 credits of electives. Electives are multidisciplinary in which students can choose courses from 10 different departments or majors. Students can tailor the courses taken toward completion of the certificate to meet their unique professional interests.

Download the Plan of StudyGainful employment disclosure on this certificate for 2013-14 (post bachelor's)

Gainful employment disclosure on this certificate for 2013-14 (post master's)