Program Requirements

Required Coursework

Undergraduate degree preparation may be in a number of fields. Dependent upon the approved program of study, certain specific undergraduate coursework/experiences may be necessary. A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 is necessary for unconditional admittance. Applicants who have an overall GPA below a 2.75 must submit a standardized test score such as the Graduate Record Exam, Miller Analogy Test, Graduate Management Test, or some other approved equivalent standardized test. The student and/or faculty, prior to admission to the program, may request an interview.

Graduate coursework completed at other institutions may be considered for transfer consistent with University and College Guidelines. Application for transfer hours should be submitted along with the regular application materials. Substitution(s) of coursework is allowed, but not encouraged, using the "Request For Adjustment in Student Program Requirements" form, which must be approved by the student's advisor, the Graduate Coordinator and the School Director.

Department Requirements – 6 Credit Hours

ELS 63018 – Ethics in Exercise, Leisure & Sport

ELS 63050 – Research Process in Exercise, Leisure & Sport

Concentration Requirements

A. Thesis Option – 9 Credit Hours

Requires completion of a thesis project for which the student must first register for six hours (not necessarily all at one time) of ELS 63199 (Thesis I) credit, subsequently maintaining continuous registration in ELS 63299 (Thesis II) until completion of the thesis.

ELS 63051 – Quantitative & Research Methods in Exercise, Leisure & Sport

ELS 63199 – Thesis

B. Non-thesis Option

Requires an internship experience, or research project.

ELS 63098 – Research


ELS 65292 – Internship in Sport & Recreation Management


Comprehensive Exam

Electives – 18–27 Hours

Students may select from any courses offered within the School of Exercise, Leisure and Sport while developing their program of study in conjunction with their advisor. Also, up to 9 hours of coursework may be selected from course offerings outside of the School of Exercise, Leisure and Sport.