The Center for Innovation in Transition and Employment
Kent State University College of Education

Grant Title Department Time line Value
A Transition & Postsecondary Program for students with Intellectual Disabilities Office of Post Secondary Education 10/10 to 09/15 $1,995,939
 Preparation of Secondary Transition Specialists with Evidence-Based Practice Comp  Special Education Programs  01/11 to 12/14 $1,186,369
 Preparation of community inclusion specialists for secondary students with low incidence disabilities  Special Education Programs  01/09 to12/12  $800,000
 Developing college campuses as transition settings for students  Rehabilitation Service Administration  09/08 to 08/11  $600,000
 A personnel preparation partnership for transition endorsement  Special Education Programs 06/06 to 05/10  $800,000
 Preparation for transition and secondary teachers of students with low-incidence disabilities  Special Education Programs  09/07 to 08/10  $800,000
 Ohio longitudinal transition study  Ohio Department of  Education  10/07 to 09/11  $1,640,000
 Using longitudinal postschool outcome research in the program improvement efforts of local education agencies  Special Education Programs  01/04 to 12/08 $700,000
 Ohio longitudinal transition study  Ohio Department of Education  07/06 to 09/07  $549,999
 Longitudinal tracking of  SPED graduates in Ohio  Ohio Department of Education  07/05 to 06/06  $131,000
 Coordinating center of excellence in transition  Ohio Developmental Disabilities Planning Council  01/06 to 12/06  $200,000
 A personnel partnership for transition endorsement Special Education Programs  09/02 to 08/06  $800,000
 Enhancing agency participation in transition planning and service delivery using a tri-lateral group approach  Special Education Programs  09/02 to 08/06  $700,000
 A personnel preparation partnership for transition endorsement  Special Education Programs  09/01 to 08/06  $1,500,000
Outreaching a leadership and systems change model for students in postsecondary settings Special Education Programs 09/01 to 08/04 $525,000