Professional Phase

The Athletic Training program‘s substantive level of degree change was approved in February 2020 by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). We are now offering a Master of Science in Athletic Training, which is a professional program specializing in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses. Therefore, our program is no longer accepting students into the professional phase of the undergraduate program, and the program will be taught out until May 2023.

Directed clinical experiences and supervised field experiences are also required. Although most of these experiences will be at the University, off-campus high school and clinic sites are also required. These experiences will total a minimum of 1000 hours minimally, partially accrued through clinical courses including practicum and internship, in no less than 6 semesters. Successful completion of all program requirements is required for sponsorship for the BOC examination.

Students interested in this area of study will be advised by the Athletic Training Program Coordinator and should contact the Program Coordinator promptly to discuss the specific entrance, selection, health and retention criteria in greater detail. Completion of the following documents are required each year during the Professional Phase of the program:

All students in the Professional Phase must have on file a Physical Examination Form completed by their own physician.  All students also need a completed student contract, which is filled out and signed once accepted into the ATP.  Failure to have these documents completed will result in failure to participate in the clinical experiences in the program.

Further, The following training and certification must be maintained to be able to participate in the ATP clinical program:

  • Blood Borne Pathogen training- required annually

  • Professional Rescuer certification-required every 2 years

Copies of these trainings and certifications should be turned into the Program Coordinator and kept on file.

Students are also required to follow the guidelines of the ATP that are outlined in the Athletic Training Student Handbook.  This handbook acts as a guide for our students so they know what is expected of them.  The handbook also outlines how to handle particular situations throughout their time within the ATP.

Students additionally will be required to purchase professional liability insurance, maintain NATA student membership, obtain Ohio BCI & FBI background check, and a flu shot on an annual basis.  Below are estimated costs for each of these requirements:

  • Professional liability insurance - estimated cost $30-40
  • NATA student membership - estimated cost $75-100
  • Ohio BCI & FBI background check - estimated cost $50-70
  • Cost of immunizations/flu shot - based on health insurance coverage - estimated cost of $15-50 

Students are also financially responsible for the following:

  • Cost of clothing - Some clinical education sites may provide students with clothing.  However, if clothing is not provided by the clinical education site students are expected to purchase clothing that is within compliance of the ATP dress code, ATS handbook, and their assigned clinical education site.
  • Cost of travel - Students are expected to cover the cost of all travel to all clinical education sites, including on and off campus locations.

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Additional information regarding student policies, procedures, requirements, and expectations can be found in the Athletic Training Student Handbook