The knowledge and understanding gained from the core coursework are applied within the context of a specific concentration, selected by the student based upon the student's interests and career goals. Each of the three concentrations prepares the student for specific occupational opportunities and/or advanced study in the health and human services fields.

  1. The health sciences concentration includes a strong basic science core (biology, chemistry, physics) as well as an applied science core (exercise physiology, nutrition). IHS majors in the Health Sciences Concentration will be preparing themselves for science-based professional health-related graduate programs, especially physical or occupational therapy and other advanced study options such as physician's assistant, medical and dentistry.  
  2. The health services concentration provides comprehensive study of health professions, human development, and human services, emphasizing the integration of the various service delivery models related to the many health professions. The student completing this program would find a career in the service delivery sector of the health care industry such as non-profit and/or government agencies (e.g. health departments, national/state/local health organizations).  This program is also designed to provide students in associate degree programs in the allied health areas, such as physical or occupational therapy assisting technology or dental hygiene, with the opportunity to obtain a highly relevant bachelor's degree.
  3. Students interested in preparing for administrative positions in the health care industry are served by the health care administration and systems concentration. There is a strong focus upon business (accounting, management, marketing, finance, human resource management) as well as specialized courses related to long-term care administration and social welfare policy. The student completing this concentration would assume a position in the business sector of a health related industry. Other students may wish to pursue graduate study in such fields as business administration, health administration, exercise/leisure/sport administration, and public health.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in health services and human services areas will grow faster than average through 2012. Students completing the IHS Health Services concentration will be prepared to assume a role in the service delivery sector of the health care industry. Others may wish to pursue graduate study leading to advanced professional credentials. The student completing the IHS Health Care Administration and Systems concentration would be prepared for careers in the business sector of the health care industry, but others may wish to pursue graduate study to obtain mid-management administrative credentials.

Following a degree in Integrated Health Studies, students may wish to pursue graduate study in many areas, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician's Assistant, Medicine, Dentistry, Non profit Management, Social Work, Gerontology, Business Administration, Health Care Administration, Public Health, Health Education, and Exercise/Leisure/Sport Administration