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Application Requirements

Admission and Application Requirements

(All requirements due February 15) 

Admission will consist of meeting application requirements for:

  1. Kent State University Dietetic Internship (via Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Services, DICAS)
  2. Computer Matching (online through D&D Digital Systems)
  3. Kent State University Graduate School Program (online application)


  • The KSU Combined MS/Dietetic Internship Program is participating in the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics online Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Services (DICAS), which can be accessed at ; e-mail DICAS includes all of the requirements that in the past were submitted directly to the internship program (Letter of Application, Original Academic College/University Transcripts, Supervised Practice program Application, Three Recommendations, and an original Declaration of Intent from current undergraduate program or an original Verification Form if postgraduate status signed by an appropriate faculty.) The DICAS web site provides directions for each of the application requirements.

  •  Your application must be totally complete by February 15. You need to begin the DICAS process as early as possible (in advance of the February deadline) so all of the required are completed and in your DICAS file and your application materials can be sent to us from DICAS.

  •  There is no KSU Internship Application fee for the spring match.

  • Students for which English is a second language are required to have a TOEFL score of 570 and must meet all of the program requirements indicated, including Declaration of Intent or Verification of Completion from an Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics/Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND)

2.  Computer Matching

All applicants to the KSU Combined MS/Dietetic Internship are required to participate in computer matching through D&D Digital Systems. Please go to D&D Digital System's website at to register for the spring computer matching process. Your dietetic internship choices must be provided to D&D Digital by February 15. Please note the KSU D&D Digital Number is 211.

3.  KSU Graduate School Program Application for Admission

The Application for Kent State University Graduate School is done separately from the Internship Application and must be completed online through Kent State University. There is a Kent State University requirement that you must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above to be considered a candidate for the KSU Combined MS/Dietetic Internship Program and this requirements is strictly enforced. You can read more about the GPA requirement under the Selection Criteria section that follows.

It will be helpful to read over the following directions prior to linking to completing the application online. 

  • The first step toward filling out the KSU Application to Graduate School will be to create a login and pin

  • After creating a Login and Pin, continue to read/follow the prompts 

  • When you are asked to select an Academic Unit, you should select Education, Health, and Human Services (EHHS)

  • When you are asked for the type of program you are applying for, you should select Masters

  • When you are asked the type of Masters, you should select MS Nutrition

  • Complete the rest of the "checklist" and submit payment ($45) by credit card

*Please note that you are required to complete all requirements including the KSU Graduate

Recommendation Forms (not the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Recommendation Forms) for the KSU Graduate School application and other application requirements as noted on the web site. There is no GRE requirement.

View the graduate application

Admission Application Final Checklist:

(All Requirements must be totally completed by February 15)

  • Register and complete the DICAS online Internship Application materials as early as possible (in advance of the February deadline) so all of the required documents are in your DICAS file by the February deadline and your complete application materials can be sent to us from DICAS.  DICAS charges a $40 fee for the first application and $20 for each additional application.

  • Register & prioritize your internship selections with D&D Digital System on-line for spring computer matching process. D&D charges a $50 fee.

  • Submit KSU Graduate Application online with $45 application fee (via credit card).

Selection Criteria

In addition to being evaluated as an acceptable candidate for the KSU Graduate School, a committee consisting of Kent State Nutrition faculty will use the following criteria for determining the ranking of internship applicants that will be sent to D&D Digital for the internship selection process:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA)

You must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above to be considered a candidate for the KSU Combined MS/Dietetic Internship Program. As an internship candidate your overall GPA and science GPA will be most important. GRE tests are not required for application to the KSU Graduate Program or to the KSU Dietetic Internship.

*If you do not meet the GPA requirement, your application cannot be processed as an internship candidate. However, you can apply to the KSU graduate nutrition program and reapply to the internship if you meet requirements in the future. 

  • Letter of Application

This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself and why you are applying. In addition, style, organization, and grammar are important. DICAS provides the word count limit and type of information to include.

  • Recommendation Forms

Recommendations written by persons who know the applicant in an academic/ professional capacity and are specific to the applicant's qualifications are most significant. Follow the directions provided by DICAS for the recommendations. Please note, recommendations need to be submitted to both DICAS and the Graduate School, but the same forms can be used for both.  

  • Work/ Volunteer Experience

Experience in the field of dietetics is beneficial, both paid and voluntary. Other experience is also reviewed and considered.

  • Activities

Participation in dietetics activities and leadership in on and off campus organizations are significant.

Match Notification
  • Applicant matching results will be posted on from 6 PM Central Time, Sunday, April 7, 2019 (Notification Day) through Monday, April 8, 2019 (Appointment Day). 
  • Applicants must accept the appointment by Monday, April 13, 2015 at 6 PM Eastern time or earlier in order to hold their spot (Appointment Day).
  • You will be notified separately by the KSU Graduate School/College of Education, Health and Human Services of your acceptance status into the Graduate Nutrition & Dietetics Program at Kent State University. If you are not matched to the KSU Dietetic Internship and are accepted to the graduate program, you will have the option to decide whether or not to begin the KSU graduate Nutrition program.
  • The KSU Combined MS/Dietetic Internship Program does not participate in the D&D Digital second round match process. If there are openings after the first round match, the KSU Dietetic Internship Selection Committee will use their initial ranked list sent to D&D Digital to contact, by order of ranking, the next non-matched applicant until the opening is filled. 

If you are matched & accept your match to the KSU Combined MS/Dietetic Internship Program you will need to send the following ASAP:
  • Declaration of Intent or Verification Statement

    A hard copy of the Declaration of Intent to Complete Degree and/or ACEND Minimum Academic Requirements or the Verification Statement of Completion of Didactic Program in Dietetics is required. It must be an original copy signed by the Program Director in blue ink.

  • Other documents as needed will be requested from KSU Program Director upon match acceptance

  • SEND TO:                                                                                               

Emily Baker MS RDN LD
Kent State University
100 Nixson Hall
Kent, Ohio 44242 

Equal Opportunity

In academic and student programs, it is the policy of this University that there shall be no unlawful discrimination against any student or applicant for admission as a student because of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, handicap, or identity as a disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era. Such policy shall apply to, but not necessarily be limited to, the following: recruiting, admission, access to programs, financial aid, and social, recreational and health programs. This policy also shall apply with reference to discrimination on a basis of age insofar as required by law. Please remember, the Internship application packet must be postmarked on or before February 15, 2015. If you have questions regarding the Kent State MS/Dietetic Internship Program, please contact:

Emily Baker MS RDN LD
Dietetic Internship Program Director/Lecturer
330-672-2064 or