Bachelors Degree


Dietetics is an interdisciplinary science that studies the application of the principles of human nutrition and foods. Dietetics is becoming increasingly important in the maintenance of health and the prevention of diseases for people of all ages -- from infancy to old age.

The undergraduate program in dietetics at Kent State University is distinguished by:

  • Opportunities to work closely with talented faculty members who are outstanding teachers and scholars;
  • Extensive hands-on laboratory experiences;
  • Course work that focuses on both personal and professional skills;
  • A focus on lifelong learning.

Nutrition and dietetics prepares students for careers as registered dietitians in medical and health care centers, public health agencies, industries, and universities. The curriculum meets the Didactic Program in Dietetics requirements of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), and graduates are eligible for admission to accredited internships. Affiliate membership in AND is available to students electing this option.