Nutrition Majors Study Abroad

Nutrition Interns Study in Costa Rica: Heather Demming and Stephanie Horvath

Costa Rica, Summer 2010: They explored pineapple, coffee and banana plantations; slept in the rain forest and cooked with locals to learn more about Costa Rican diets and ingredients.

Image of a suspension bridge in Costa Rica

Part 1

Part 2

La Trè Amici:

The Story of three friends in Italy

Three KSU nutrition interns and friends partake on a journey of food, people,  and culture. Liz Kitchen, Erica Buchanan, and Molly Kravitz discuss their  adventure across Italy. They used the Italy program to fulfill college credit hours in nutrition. Contact your advisor if interested. Follow Molly's blog for more information.

Molly's Blog

How did your experience in Italy help your future career in nutrition?

  • Molly- "Cultural awareness. Knowing that people of other cultures, like Italians, in America are deeply connected to the foods they grew up with"
  • Erica- "Cooking with fresh herbs right from the garden, Everything was fresh and high quality. Where as in America, we often eat processed food from a factory or produce shipped in"
  • Liz- "The food here is wholesome and no part is wasted. The Italians eat every part of the animal and plant. I think about how we can eat this way in America."