Program Costs For Combined MS/Dietetic Internship Program

Below are the listings of the approximate costs interns will be responsible for during the 21-month Program:

Tuition and Fees:
  •  $22,145 In-state Resident ($515/credit hour x 43 total credits)
  •  $39,904 Out-of-State Resident ($928/credit hour x 43 total credits)

Student Financial Aid inquiries and information is available at the Office of Financial Aid in the Michael Schwartz Center. Graduate Assistantships (GA) and scholarships are available on a competitive basis each  Spring semester. First year interns cannot typically meet the twenty-hours/week time requirements of a GA position along with their intern rotations and campus academic schedules.

  •  Starts at $3,540/per semester

  •  ** Please Note: Off-Campus housing is available near campus. Area apartments rent for $300 - $600 per month.
On-campus Meal Plan: (7 days)
  •  Starts at $500/per semester
Professional Liability Insurance:
  •  $41 ($2 -$4 Million Coverage)
Program Application Fees:
  • $45 Graduate Application 
Medical Insurance: (subject to change)
  •  $2,112 for 12 months
  •  $856 for Fall semester only
  •  $1,256 for Spring/Summer semester only
  •  $532 for Summer semester only

* All insurance plans carry a $150.00 deductible that is assessed under the first two accidents/illnesses.

* Students enrolled in the Kent State University student health program can elect to enroll on a per semester basis or can enroll for a full 12 months. Enrollment starts August 21 of each year.

*All Kent State University students can use the Health Services at the University. 

Physical Examination:
  •  $25 (must make an appointment with University Health Center)
Hepatitis B Vaccinations:
  •  $219 total ($73 per shot) for a total of 3 shots (1st shot, 2nd shot 1 month later, last shot 5 months after the 2nd shot)
TB Testing each year: (must have 2-step PPD within one month of start of rotations)
  • $18 ($9 each; given one week apart)
Lab coat, Books, Meetings, etc.:
  •  $650+
  • The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Student Membership
    $50 per year 
Background Checks: Ohio BCII and FBI
  • $25 and $30 respectively per year & additionally as required for specific sites  
Parking: (subject to change)
  •  $280 ($140/year, not including summer)
  • Transportation costs are not included in the total costs outlined above. Public transportation to practice sites in NE Ohio is not typically available. Interns will need to have and show proof of a current drivers license and will be expected to provide their own transportation to and from practice sites, typically ranging from 20–60 minutes each way.  

**Prices are estimates only and may be subject to change.