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Dr. Mark Krumm

Mark Krumm

I am an associate professor in Audiology and dearly enjoying that role. During my time here at Kent State University (KSU), I have been involved with research in Teleaudiology (or audiology telehealth/telemedicine). I have had a few grants and published quite bit in this area. I still am active in teleaudiology publications.

Because of my professional interests, I have also been a visiting scholar to India, Qatar (in the Gulf region) and Poland. Through those travels, I have thoroughly enjoyed developing relationships with the best faculty on the planet. It has been so exciting to tour rural India with India’s top graduate students and work side by side with amazing faculty there. Or fly over the sands of Qatar during some off time when not teaching in Doha. Try the Gyrocopter rides there..open cockpit of course! And enjoy the truly kind and hospitable people of Qatar.

I have truly been so lucky in my career. One of my most favorite experiences was being a mentor to Dr. Vidya Ramkumar who spent 9 months here at KSU as Fulbright scholar. Dr. Ramkumar is a faculty member associated with Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai, India (southeast India). During her time here, she helped me to understand that the brightest individuals could be found all over the globe--not just in the USA. Dr. Ramkumar is certainly a rising star and a leader in teleaudiology research.

While I enjoy research, I have increasingly fell in love with teaching. We have such good students at KSU who create an utterly amazing environment for faculty. Our students work hard, are ethical and smart. And they care about people. Surely, the professions of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology are in good hands for the future.

I do love fishing, hiking and film festivals. Ohio has ridiculous fishing. I love Lake Erie. Nothing Erie about it…it’s just pretty darn neat. Cleveland..ditto. A great foodie place and with many fun places to visit such as a wonderful FREE art museum. Oh, and thank goodness for the Cleveland Film Festival in March and April. Then there is the FREE Cuyahoga Valley National Park which runs between Cleveland and Akron…with zillions of miles of trails, golf courses, skiing (downhill and cross-country), road/mountain biking and who knows what else.  Fishing too.

If you wish to keep the conversation going, feel free to send me an email, I would enjoy answering questions or just jabbering with you.  Wishing you all the best in your journeys!

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Associate Professor

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Health Sciences



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