Assistive Technology and CSD eLearning Lab

The Assistive Technology and CSD eLearning Lab serves as a combined research and teaching environment and is run by Dr. Pamela Mitchell.  The lab is equipped with 20 iPad Airs, 10 Apple MacBooks, one Apple iMac and two IPads, all with a variety of research and clinical software. In addition, the lab houses a variety of stand alone speech generating communication devices and adapted switches, as well as digital audio and video recording equipment and studio lighting.

Example topics for recent and current research projects in this lab include:

Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Robin Alvares have an article forthcoming on the importance of involving families in decision-making about speech generating devices for communication. The article provides evidence-based guidelines to support clinical application.

Schea Fissel (a doctoral student involved in the Assistive Technology and eLearning Lab) and Dr. Mitchell published a study on using telepractice to evaluate emergent literacy for children with complex communication needs. (Fissel, Mitchell, & Alvarez, 2015)

Usability of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Apps on the IPad.  
  • This investigation examined the ease and accuracy of use and user satisfaction for six IPad applications that cause the IPad to function as an AAC device.  Dr. Mitchell presented this study at the International Society on Augmentative and Alternative Communication in July 2012.
Parent Concerns in Housing and Future Planning for their Adolescent and Adult Children with Developmental Disabilities (in preparation, with Dr. Sloane Burgess).
  • This study has collected data from family members of adults and adolescents with various developmental disabilities to determine parental concerns and future planning for those children.

Other projects in process focus on the use of technology and innovative treatments to support speech/language/cognitive therapy with individuals with dementia and developmental disabilities, and the integration of music in speech-language therapy with individuals with neurogenic impairments.