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Bachelor of Science in SPA (B.S.)

Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology & Audiology

Speech Pathology and Audiology offers a pre-professional Bachelor of Science degree. Initially, entering students are enrolled under a pre-major status. Just prior to the completion of 64 credit hours, they apply for admission to the major (Intent to Major form). Students should have a GPA of at least 3.0 in order to become a major.

The total number of required credit hours is 121 if entering Kent State prior to 2014 and 120 if entering Kent State in or after 2014. This includes the following coursework:

  • one hour for University Orientation
  • 36 hours for Liberal Education Requirements (some of which are prescribed)
  • 40 hours for courses in the major
  • nine hours of other prescribed courses
  • 35 hours of electives if entering Kent State prior to 2014 and 34 hours of electives if entering Kent State in or after 2014

Under the electives, students can count up to 12 hours of graduate coursework toward the required elective hours if they are in the combined baccalaureate-master's program (described below). This reduces the number of required elective courses by 12. In addition to the required courses, undergraduate students accrue a minimum of 25 clinical observation hours in preparation for practicum at the graduate level. While approximately 10 of these hours will occur during the undergraduate courses, students are responsible for obtaining the remaining hours on their own. Procedures for obtaining these hours are posted in the department.

Combined Baccalaureate-Master's Program (CBMP)

Undergraduate students at KSU can apply to our master's program based on 1) graduating with their B.S. degree, or 2) through the CBMP, as long as they have completed 90 or more credit hours.

The CBMP has two advantages:

  1. Students can begin to take graduate classes prior to completing all of their undergraduate classes. This makes more efficient use of their time.
  2. Students can count up to 12 hours of graduate coursework toward the electives section of their undergraduate degree. This saves up to 12 hours worth of tuition costs at the undergraduate level.

Students in the CBMP graduate with their B.S. degree as soon as those requirements are completed (often after their first semester in graduate school). Admission criteria to the master's program are the same for both of these paths.  See "Application Procedures for M.A. and Ph.D. Programs" under the "Prospective Students" menu for more information.