Clone of Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology

The primary goal for our master's program is the training of competent speech-language pathologists who will critically evaluate communication disorders and the methods used in the habilitation and rehabilitation of those disorders. The program is completed over six (6) academic terms of full-time study. Students wishing to complete the master's without the clinical component (not seeking licensure and certification in speech-language pathology) can complete the program over five (5) academic terms of full-time study.

The Speech-Language Pathology program includes:

  • 14 courses in the different disorders of speech, language, and swallowing
  • two courses in normal processes
  • one course in research methodology

The curriculum PROVIDES:

  • information on language disorders of children and adults (including those resulting from cognitive-communicative disorders)
  • communication disorders of those with complex and significant impairments
  • phonological disorders
  • disorders of swallowing, voice, rhythm, and hearing

Clinical practicum is provided in both on- and off-campus locations for those seeking clinical licensure and certification in speech-language pathology. The master's program typically requires two years of full-time study depending on the student's practicum needs.

M.A. Requirements for Speech Language Pathology

To view the curriculum for your plan of study, click on the link below that corresponds with the semester you would begin your graduate coursework.

Starting graduate coursework in the Fall semester.

Starting graduate coursework in the Spring semester.

** Students who elect a thesis option (SPA 64199) must register for 6 semester hours and will, accordingly, have a total of 49 hours for the program.


These courses represent the academic requirements for the M.A. degree. Registration in a Clinical Practicum course each semester will be necessary to meet requirements for ASHA certification. Other course requirements may be necessary to address any deficiencies in reference to ASHA certification standards.

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