Iota Lambda Sigma is an national honorary professional society in Workforce Development. It recognizes individuals for excellence in their various endeavors in workforce education and development.

Workforce development includes entry-level employment training through advanced education and development in the workplace. Persons invited into this professional society may come from the fields of education, business, and industry.

Iota Lambda Sigma is dedicated to scholarship and excellence in education, business, and industry workforce development. The Society as a community of professionals dedicated to worthy ideals:

  • Recognizes scholarship and excellence in Workforce development.
  • Promotes the development and dissemination of worthy educational ideals and practices in workforce development.
  • Enhances the continuous professional growth and leadership of its diverse membership.
  • Fosters inquiry and reflection on significant educational and training issues.
  • Maintains a high degree of professional fellowship.


Organized in September of 1927, Iota Lambda Sigma Grand Chapter was an integral part of career, Industrial, Occupational and Technology Education in the schools of the world. Iota Lambda Sigma served to strengthen education by furnishing skills, knowledge, attitudes, and leadership for the various levels of education.

Iota Lambda Sigma began as a secret organization in its initiation of members, but open in its belief in the Almighty, dealings with mankind, concerns for education, and the performance of its ceremonies. Today it has emerged as a more open society of professional members focused on the development of America's workforce though career and technical education at the secondary and postsecondary levels and in the workforce itself.

Iota Lambda Sigma conforms to all Local, State, and National laws and is a firm believer in government of the people, by the people, and for the people. There are no outside affiliations, and the fraternal ideals and outlook are strictly American in nature.

Iota Lambda Sigma is in existence today because of a concerted effort and desire of professional educators to band together in an honorable effort to secure and hold fast the ideals of education, leadership, and humanitarianism and enjoy the utmost in good fellowship with others who hold the same interests.