Jenice's Testimonial

I have gained quite a unique experience with the CCS program. I have the special privilege of wearing two hats within this program. I am an Independent Living Mentor (ILM) which focuses on the social aspects of college, as well as an “academic” mentor. So that means that I am able to get to know the students in a professional setting, as well as a more relaxed setting. My main objective as an ILM is to help our dorm students become involved and active members on campus. This has been beneficial to the students, but to me as well. I get to share my favorite places around campus and they’ve even introduced me to new places that I have come to love.

As for the academic side, I am a Special Education major nearing the end of my coursework. My next step and CCS is my last field placement before student teaching. This placement has benefited me so much. I get to teach students I’m comfortable with, I know what they like and don’t like, which helps guide my instruction. Outside of class, I know what they are working on and it’s easier for me to help them. CCS gives me good practice for how I would like the dynamic of my future classroom to be.

It has been a learning experience for us all. We’ve laughed together, had disagreements, studied together and so much more. CCS has allowed me to form professional relationships with the staff and students and I’m looking forward to watching the students grow and evolve.

~ Jenice