Testimonials | American Sign Language/English Interpreting | Kent State University

Amanda's pictureSince graduating from the interpreting program at Kent State, I have found that my training has prepared me for the wide array of situations I come across every day. I was trained to think critically, always be evaluating my work, and to be flexible. KSU gave me the foundation to continue learning as an interpreter every single day. My teachers helped me to understand what it means to be an interpreter on so many levels - not just working with words and signs - but with people, their attitudes, their abilities and the environment itself!  Thank you, Kent State! 

Julia's pictureThe interpreting program at Kent State University is the best decision I ever made. No one believes in you more than your teachers/professors do. Their passion and dedication to the field of interpreting is felt in every class taught, every assignment given, and in every piece of advice shared. The experiences I have gained during my time as a student will last a life time.

Kaylee's pictureThe program at Kent State gave me all of the tools I need to be a professional interpreter. It was very intimidating to go out as a professional by myself for a first few times, but I quickly realized I knew what I was supposed to do. I would not have had that if it weren't for my wonderful professors and the interpreting program at KSU. My class was also very tight knit. We would spend hours together talking about our work, class assignments, and how to sign or voice a particular word or phrase. We became a family and we will forever have the bond with each other.

Kristin's pictureThe Kent State University ASL/English Interpreting program is a wonderful program to be a part of and graduate from. The program truly prepares students not only to be great interpreters, but also to become responsible members of the community.

Lucas' pictureKSU Interpreting program provided me with the necessary skills needed for a variety of interpreting settings!

The ASL/English Interpreting program gave me the opportunity to learn from professional seasoned interpreters. The program also provided me with a multitude of volunteer opportunities for me to improve in my field. All the tools I learned in and outside the classroom, I carry with me into every setting I interpret in. 

The Kent State Interpreting Program has provided me with the best education I could have ever received. With the vast amount of exposure in variety of settings; I have learned that this program and my professors truly want you to succeed in everything you do. Throughout my four years at Kent State, my professors, classmates, colleagues and mentors have challenged me in ways that have no amount of thanks will ever suffice. I can assure you that you will not regret attending the Interpreting Program at Kent State University!