Admission, Selection, and Advisement for Doctoral Program

The CES doctoral program selects students only once each year from Ohio, as well as other states. The deadline for receipt of completed application materials is February 1st. Both KSU College of Education, Health, and Human Services requirements and CES Program requirements must be met for admission.  Quantitative eligibility requirements include a graduate GPA of 3.5 or higher and a GRE Aptitude Test score of at least 550 verbal. While it may be possible to be admitted with somewhat lesser quantitative data, other qualifications such as work experience, professional achievements, letters of reference, interviews, etc., then become increasingly significant in the determination of admission. Additional CES application procedures include:

  • Applicants complete a data form supplementary to the College of Education, Health, and Human Services forms.
  • The Coordinator interviews applicants. During this time applicants will complete a Preliminary Written Exam. Applicants will also interview with faculty of the CES doctoral program.
  • Faculty review application materials. In reviewing materials and interviewing applicants the faculty assess the applicants with regard to: (a) potential success in forming effective interpersonal relationships; (b) aptitude for graduate study including technological competencies and computer literacy (see note below); (c) career goals in relationship to the program; (d) openness to self-examination; and (e) openness to personal and professional development. NOTE: Technological competence and computer literacy include using software to develop web pages, presentations, and professional papers; using audiovisual equipment such as video recorders and playback units; using computerized testing programs; using e-mail; helping clients search for various types of counseling-related information via the internet; being able to subscribe and participate in and sign off counseling related listservs; and using the internet for continuing education opportunities in counseling (ACES Technology Interest Network, 1999).

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Admitted students are assigned two faculty advisors who will work with them in the selection of an advisory committee to assist in and oversee each student's course of study. Students are expected to form an advisory committee and file a prospectus by the end of their second semester of study.