Waitlist Steps (CLRC)


  • Select your "Student" tab on the left
  • Drop down box will come up, select "Resources"
  • Drop down box will come up, select "Courses and Registration"
  • In the middle of the screen, select "Add or Drop a Course"
  • Select "I Acknowledge"
  • Select "I Acknowledge" again
  • Select the term and then select "Submit"
  • In CRN box under "Add Classes Worksheet", type in the CRN of the course
  • Select "Submit Changes"
  • You will then get a registration add error
  • Under action, you will see a drop-down box
  • Select “Web Wait Listed”
  • Submit

If a class is full, a student may have the opportunity to add their name to an electronic wait list. This electronic list gives the students the opportunity to be notified electronically, via their @kent.edu email address, when a seat becomes available for registration. Wait lists are not available for all courses. It is up to the department offering the course to determine if a wait list is appropriate for each course offered. For courses where there is no wait list available, students should contact the department with questions.

Once a student adds their name to a wait list it is up to the student to monitor their @kent.edu email for a notification indicating that a seat has opened in the course. Once a seat opens in a course and the email is sent to the student, the student has twenty-five hours to register for the course before being removed from the wait list. This time limit is set in order to give registration opportunities to additional students if the first student choose not to register for the course. If a student adds themselves to the wait list and determines they no longer want to take the course, they should remove themselves from the wait list in a timely manner so other students have the opportunity to utilize the wait list.

Adding a name to a wait list does not guarantee that the student will have the opportunity to enroll in the course.

Students are responsible for enrolling for a course once a seat becomes available. In order to register for the course log into FlashLine, go to the Student Category / Resources / Courses and Registration section and click on "Add or Drop a Course". Select the correct term and click "Submit". On this page, to remove yourself from the wait list, click on the drop down in the Action column, select "Web Drop", and click "Submit". Once you have removed yourself from the wait list please enter the CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet section of the page and click "Submit". You should now be registered in the course.


  • Students will need to meet the same requirements to wait list for a section as they would to register for that section.
  • Students will not be able to wait list for a course if they do not meet the prerequisites.
  • Students will not be able to wait list for a course if they do not meet the registration requirements.
  • Students will not be able to wait list for a course if it is not their time to register or if they have registration holds on their account.
  • Wait listing is not registration. Wait listing does not count as enrolled credits.
  • Wait listing is not a guarantee for future registration and does not guarantee a seat in the course.
  • Wait listing is not available for all courses.
  • A student will have twenty-five hours, from the time of notification, to register for the course before the seat is offered to the next person on the wait list.