Waitlist Steps (CMHC)

Steps to be added to a waitlist using the new Flashline


  • Select your "Student" tab on the left
  • Drop down box will come up, select "Resources"
  • Drop down box will come up, select "Courses and Registration"
  • In the middle of the screen, select "Add or Drop a Course" 
  • Select "I Acknowledge"
  • Select "I Acknowledge" again
  • Select the term and then select "Submit"
  • In CRN box under "Add Classes Worksheet", type in the CRN of the course
  • Select "Submit Changes"
  • You will then get a registration add error
  • Under action, you will see a drop down box
  • Select “Web Wait Listed”
  • Submit 


*PLEASE NOTE* do NOT drop yourself from the waitlist if you see a spot open. If there is an active waitlist, it will just boot you to the end of the waitlist and you will loose your spot. Instead, notify Shelby Burkhart, and she will let you know where you stand on the waitlist. Shelby checks them regularly and informs the student next in sequence right away if a spot opens. If you are on a waitlist, we highly recommend checking your email daily, as you only have a few days to take the spot once it it opened for you before we move onto the next student on the waitlist.