Master's of Education

The M.Ed. Degree in Educational Psychology is built upon a foundation that is drawn from both the college mission statement and the Teachers Education Program conceptual framework.

Graduates emerge as professional educators grounded in the following areas:

  1. in-depth knowledge of the field
  2. learner-centered pedagogy
  3. reflective practices
  4. professional teaching methods
  5. collaborative strategies.

Requirements: Thirty-three (33) or more graduate hours.

  • 12 Credit hours of Educational Psychology Core Requirements
  • 12 Credit hours of other Core Requirements
  • 9 Credit hours of Electives

Listing of Courses in Program:

Download the program of study to see what specific courses are required to complete the degree. After determining which electives to take, a student will need to officially submit this plan of study with an advisor's signature, before being in the program for three semesters.

Course work includes the following content:

  • Differentiated instruction
  • Classroom motivation
  • Pedagogies for engaged learning
  • Performance-based assessment
  • Self-regulated learning
  • Metacognition